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PCATDES. Successful Final Meeting & International Workshop for Euro Funded EU/ASEAN Photocatalysis Consortia in Hanoi

PCATDES Starts Field Testing of Photocatalytic Reactors in South East Asia

PCATDES Final Meeting & The International Workshop Announcement

ASEAN-EU STI Days 2016

New Opportunities for ASEAN-EU Cooperation in Science & Technology

Entering The Final Period & Third Annual Review Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Second Annual Review Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

First Annual Review Meeting & ASEAN-EU STI Days

World Intelligent Cities Summit & Exhibition

Cardiff University Videoconferencing Team Supports Review Meetings

6th Month Review Meeting

PCATDES Kick-off Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand


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Work Package 6: Reactor Design, Evaluation and Scale-Up

The overall aim is to design and manufacture a test reactor for the remediation of contaminated waste water based on the cost-benefit analysis of WP1, the materials developments of WPs 2/3 and the evaluation and kinetics analysis of WPs 4/5. All tasks related to work package 6 are listed below;

  • Photoreactor optimization
  • Solid-state LED device and material reactor design optimization
  • Kinetic modeling and scale-up
  • Field testing in palm oil & seafood industries: Fabricate and evaluate

Work Package Leader: URJC

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