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PCATDES. Successful Final Meeting & International Workshop for Euro Funded EU/ASEAN Photocatalysis Consortia in Hanoi

PCATDES Starts Field Testing of Photocatalytic Reactors in South East Asia

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Entering The Final Period & Third Annual Review Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Second Annual Review Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

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Entering The Final Period & Third Annual Review Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PCATDES project, ending in January 2017, involves 11 Organisations, each with their area of expertise, from 7 Countries namely: Germany; Malaysia: Spain; Thailand; Turkey; UK and Vietnam. All 11 organisations were represented in Malaysia at the Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 24th and 25th November 2015 and made a full contribution to proceedings.

The project aims to develop a cost effective, photocatalytic reactor capable of further cleaning up wastewater created by such industries as Fisheries and Palm Oil Plants in South East Asia.  The reactor will be designed to mineralise the recalcitrant organic matter that is not removed by current biological methods. PCATDES Research has focused on generating novel materials along with a new understanding of photocatalytic materials and processes. Long-term the research hopes to benefit small scale, industrial producers, in remote areas, with improved treatment of their contaminated water.

The focus of the review meeting was to assess 'technical' progress to date in areas, such as, novel materials: coatings; morphology of nano-architecture; LED rigs and reactor design and then agree way forward. Most Partners have had access to a Standard Reactor, already designed by University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, to help with their research.

The 30 or so PCATDES delegates were welcomed to Malaysian by Dr Chen Sau Soon, Senior Director, Energy and Environment Flagship, Sirim Berhad.  Dr Chen was impressed by the togetherness of the PCATDES Consortia and how cooperation and collaboration between Partners had kept the Project 'on track'.  Day 1 evidenced that the Research had provided the Consortia with potential solutions and options relating to the photoactinic reactor. Day 2, which also show cased Sirim Berhad, agreed a way forward.

3 scaled up reactors are planned to be deployed in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam late in 2016 as a final period activity. Two in Palm Oil plants and one at a Fishery. Ahead of that deployment, 'Team PCATDES' shall work on creating the 'best possible' design, within available resources.

It is anticipated that PCATDES research will come to a successful conclusion in January 2017.

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