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First Annual Review Meeting & ASEAN-EU STI Days

The PCATDES Consortia enjoyed a thoughtful and productive period in Bangkok, Thailand from 20 January 2014 to 23 January 2014.  Not only was the First Annual Project Review successfully completed, many delegates also fully participated in the “ASEAN-EU STI Days” Event and Industrial Field Trip that followed.

Despite the political unrest in Bangkok, 10 out of 11 Partner Organisations attended the PCATDES Annual Review, with the remaining Partner contributing via video link.  Reports and Presentations, for each Work Package, were presented, as appropriate, with the European Commission’s Dr Silvia Gross in attendance.

On the 21st and 22nd January 2014, attention moved to the “ASEAN-EU STI Days” (Science Technology and Innovation Days) Event that was held at the nearby Science Park.  This Event not only showcases the ASEAN-EU collaboration it also brings scientific progress to the attention of academics, politicians and industry in the wider world.

PCATDES, LIMPID and 4G PHOTOCAT Consortia, 3 similar, EU funded, FP7 Projects, were invited to jointly present Sessions on “Nanomaterial for Photocatalytic Depollution”.  Presentations were made by PCATDES Partners from: University College London, Universitat Rostock, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, University of Bath, Sirim Berhad, NSTDA-MTEC, Aston University and Cardiff University.


In addition, the Royal Society of Chemistry sponsored 3 Key Note speakers to the Joint Sessions after Prof Karen Wilson, PCATDES had invited them to get involved.

On 23 January, PCATDES delegates visited a Palm Oil Producer in Pattaya, Thailand.  This Field Trip, organised by NSTDA-MTEC, provided a valuable, practical insight into real conditions at a Food Industry site that could potentially benefit from the work being conducted by the PCATDES Team.

The visit to Bangkok has given the PCATDES Consortia not only the opportunity to monitor its progress to date but also the opportunity to interact with: each other; other FP7 Projects; EC contacts; students and industrialists.  This wider interaction can only benefit the Project.

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